Air Quality Matters!

Regional Air Pollution Control Agency (RAPCA) is the air pollution agency serving the citizens of Clark, Darke, Greene, Miami, Montgomery and Preble counties. RAPCA enforces state and local air pollution regulations and operates an extensive network of air pollution monitors to measure ambient air quality. RAPCA is located in Dayton, Ohio and is a bureau of the Division of Environmental Health within Public Health - Dayton & Montgomery County.

Air Pollution Monitoring

RAPCA measures air pollution with an extensive network of air pollution monitors. The air quality data from these monitors is used to determine the quality of our air and whether it meets U.S. EPA's National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS). The NAAQS are health based standards set by U.S. EPA to protect public health and the environment. All air monitoring data collected by the agency is submitted to U.S. EPA’s Air Quality System Data Mart and is available to the public.

Air Quality Forecasting / Air Quality Alerts

RAPCA issues daily air quality forecasts using U.S. EPA's Air Quality Index (AQI). The AQI tells us how clean or polluted our outdoor air is, along with associated health effects that may be of concern.  On days when the AQI is expected to exceed 100 AQI, RAPCA will issue an Air Quality Alerts so the public can take actions to protect their health.  AQI forecasts can be found on the RAPCA home page or you can sign up for U.S EPA's EnviroFlash service to have forecasts sent to your email or mobile device.

Pollen and Mold Reporting

Pollen levels are measured at our Sinclair Community College monitoring station using a real-time sensor. Daily counts are available on the website and hourly pollen levels are available on the PollenWise app, available in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play store

Industrial Permitting

RAPCA's industrial permit program is centered on the State of Ohio's air pollution permit system. Many sources of air pollution are required to obtain an approved Ohio air pollution permit. Qualification for a permit requires a company to demonstrate that a source is operating in compliance with all rules and not emitting excess air contaminants.

Open Burning / Complaints

RAPCA enforces state and local open burning regulations, which include: the issuance of open burning permissions, compliance assistance to the community, investigations of open burning complaints, and when necessary, initiating enforcement actions for violations.

If you are experiencing odors related to the City of Dayton Wastewater Treatment Plant or the Stony Hollow landfill, please contact them directly. They will respond immediately and investigate the complaint, 24 hours a day.

HotLine Numbers

  • City of Dayton Waste Water Treatment Plant : (937) 333-4905
  • Stony Hollow Landfill: (937) 356-6203


RAPCA’s asbestos program enforces federal, state, and local EPA regulations which protect the public from asbestos fibers that may become airborne if strict regulations are not followed when a building is being renovated or demolished. Owners and/or contractors are required to comply with EPA asbestos regulations. To determine if your renovation or demolition project is subject to any of these rules, please visit our asbestos page.

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